Films 09.09.20

7 & 8 pm |19.00 & 20.00 Uhr | DOCK 11 | 10 €

Presenter | Moderation: Moritz Vierboom

  • Darisana

    Of the origin tracing memories. Recalls a ghost of the beyond. Who, who’s life was never lived.
  • Sepia

    Made in no more then two weeks. This short was all filmed behind Alma Karvat-Shemesh’s (The dancer) childhood home in Herzliya, Israel.

    A deep and twined forest that up until the COVID-19 pandemic, she didn’t have gotten to know. what was once in her past a glimpse of color from her living room window, turned out to be a rich and colored landscape in her present. within this forest compositions, sounds and metaphors started to arise, all connecting to each other slowly and carefully to the conclusion that the ability to create is sometimes closer than you think.

    Sepia is an improvisation tied between Dance, Music and Video. all of the three were preconceived to a concrete theme or story, and all made their way into the arms of each other. When in Quarantine, a subject has only two options, to look inside or to look outside, and when you get the possibility to do so, you can perhaps rediscover you surroundings in a new perspective.

  • Infernal Internal – For What?

    Greif-stricken J searches for normalcy. She looks for structure in her surroundings. She will be able to function again soon; probably when she finishes that cigarette.
  • Tawam
  • Bellydance Vogue

    Filmed and achieved during quarantine – For the first time filmed and achieved during quarantine – For the first time, I celebrated my birthday all by myself filmed and achieved during quarantine – For the first time
  • Neuquén Quimey

    Neuquén Quimey is the second page/chapter of a bigger project called “Bestiary”. It is about the female movement in an erotic way, in a sensual expression that has to do with power and strength. It embodies the masculine figure by the image of the horse, which is actually charged by a strong erotic sense.
  • Patsaat

    Somewhere between the abstract and concrete, two inner worlds and perceptions of self meet in order to reveal an unfortunate truth about a corrupted world finding its way inside the self. Disrupted by mythical Statues describing the human condition, how deep do we have to sink to awake from this slumber?
  • This Dance Has No End

    “What happens when someone dies is that we, the living, contain their memory within us … They will live on in us, and we will celebrate them. And dance like there is no tomorrow”. Diane Torr

    A dance dedicated to artist, drag king and gender activist Diane Torr who passed away in May 2017. A year to the day, I dance in a black room : a single shot fusing male and female as ode to life and death.

    Traditional urban zeybekiko dance of Rebetiko, exclusively danced by men is danced by my hybrid manifestation – blended apescts of my identity. In silence I hear Diane’s words “Take space with all your being. Own the space”. I lift my arms and dance like there is no tomorrow as the camera follows. No edits or retakes : the aim is not to please or excite but to offer myself as site for collective unburdening.
  • Apartment

    APARTMENT is an experimental film shot just before quarantine with dancers Georgia Usborne & Xenia Mansour, under the choreographic direction of Katherine Maxwell (Hivewild Dance Company). Directed, shot, and edited by filmmaker Taylor Antisdel, set in Brooklyn, the piece explores the memory of place and touch through movement and a lush musical bed by The Caretaker.

    The world is confronted with a painful confinement, where we hide from the invisible. I wish to celebrate another invisible one, which floats in the fast and aggressive world. Love. I write love letters in the form of gestures, where the invisible lives, expresses feelings, making the virtual universe a powerful partner to access the sensitive. Scenes of a man, a woman,who carry loneliness in their bodies, vestiges of dreams in the search for the possibility of reunion. I gather affective images that reflect details of my sister´s works, visual artist Beatriz Milhazes, Atlantic forest of my city Riode Janeiro, photographic gestures. Together they weave a subtle narrative that crosses unknown objects, reflections of my voice. An aesthetic experience that transforms virtual space into universal territory where poetic transcendence allows us to contemplate a non-verbal zone. The visible and the invisible invade,fill, visit the soul as a comet of hope in the other. Life returns.
  • Betonhimmel

    A dancer in a surrealistic urban surrounding. Searching for a glimpse of blue sky amidst the concrete, urban jungle. The film was shot against the backdrop of a vanishing GDR architecture.