POOL MOVEMENT ART FILM Festival Berlin has a unique focus on films that not only record dance, but through combination of physical and cinematic movement create independent film-choreographies.

Our new POOL dives deeper -article series opens up the depths of this exciting, experimental format through a variety of articles and interviews. We are curious to go beneath the surface of films, and to better understand the contexts, practices and imaginaries that give life to the artworks of the artists. 

POOL dives deeper is co-authored by Silja Tuovinen and Sarah Möller.


POOL dives deeper, unsere neue digitale Artikelserie, reflektiert die künstlerische Praxis an der Schnittstelle von Tanz und Film, versammelt Interviews mit Künstler*innen und zeichnet die historische Spurensuche für das Fomat POOL Shine nach.
Das Journal erscheint in Englischer Sprache.

To embody the message — POOL dives deeper with Emilie Lesgourgues

An in-depth interview with French director Emilie Lesgourgues, offering a filmmaker’s perspective on using dance and movement in character-driven film


A fashion of film —
POOL dives deeper with Hadi Moussally

An in-depth interview with Lebanese filmmaker, photographer and performer Hadi Moussally on his unique fashion of film


“5, 4, 3, 2, 1” —Yoshiko Chuma
POOL dives deeper

A reportage through intriguing statements and sidetracks by Yoshiko Chuma about filmmaking, art, life, and “the cookie”


The appeal of a location —
POOL dives deeper with
Louise Coetzer & Oscar O’Ryan

An in-depth interview with South African choreographer Louise Coetzer and filmmaker Oscar O’Ryan on the spark of placing dance outside the studio space, and filming dance under the African sun


Behind the facade, a garden awaits

A journey from New York’s East Village to SoHo, following the path of research and the origins of the films of the format POOL Shine – New York Traces


“It is a very alive process”
POOL dives deeper with Andrea Hackl

An in-depth interview with Austrian artist Andrea Hackl on mountains, and moving through a poetic, breathing process


Tanin Torabi - POOL dives deeper - Photo: Hannaneh Heydari

“The city has something to say itself” —
POOL dives deeper with Tanin Torabi

An in-depth interview with Iranian dancer and filmmaker Tanin Torabi on the city of Tehran as a moving protagonist