Programme 09.09.2020


Kaspar Kuoppamäki, Mahalia Horvarth
Germany 2019

Somewhere between the abstract and concrete, two inner worlds and perceptions of self meet in order to reveal an unfortunate truth about a corrupted world finding its way inside the self. Disrupted by mythical Statues describing the human condition, how deep do we have to sink to awake from this slumber?

  • #Director: Kaspar Kuoppamäki, Mahalia Horvarth
  • #Country of Production: Germany
  • #Year of Production: 2019
  • #Duration: 00:06:35
  • #Dance and Acting: Mahalia Horvarth
  • #Camera: Jaakko Taavila
  • #Editing: Kaspar Kuoppamäki, Jaakko Taavila
  • #Music: Kaspar Kuoppamäki