Marcia Milhazes
Brazil 2020
Pássaros Marcia Milhazes POOL 20

The world is confronted with a painful confinement, where we hide from the invisible. I wish to celebrate another invisible one, which floats in the fast and aggressive world. Love. I write love letters in the form of gestures, where the invisible lives, expresses feelings, making the virtual universe a powerful partner to access the sensitive. Scenes of a man, a woman,who carry loneliness in their bodies, vestiges of dreams in the search for the possibility of reunion. I gather affective images that reflect details of my sister´s works, visual artist Beatriz Milhazes, Atlantic forest of my city Riode Janeiro, photographic gestures. Together they weave a subtle narrative that crosses unknown objects, reflections of my voice. An aesthetic experience that transforms virtual space into universal territory where poetic transcendence allows us to contemplate a non-verbal zone. The visible and the invisible invade,fill, visit the soul as a comet of hope in the other. Life returns.

  • #Director: Marcia Milhazes
  • #Country of Production: Brazil
  • #Year of Production: 2020
  • #Duration: 00:11:38
  • #Dance and Acting: Ana Amélia Vianna, Domenico Salvatore
  • #Editing: Domenico Salvatore
  • #Sound: Marcia Milhazes
  • #Music: Montana Cellist
  • #Webpage: www.marciamilhazes.com.br