with extracts of
Nature by Mentrix and Gilles Estève
Truth is in the details by Hadi Moussally and Raphael Miro Holzer
The Inevitable and You by Adrien Casalis, Sita Ostheimer & Sita Ostheimer Company
DRIFTED by Emilie Lesgourgues
Les Roses by Billy Cowie
the_ongoing_process_of_trying_to_make_sense by Martin Klukas
KR Market by Michael Maurissens
Elegy 1938 by Lícia Arosteguy

Sound by Adrien Casalis


Mit Ausschnitten aus / with extracts of:

Not from Here by Oscar O’Ryan
Flatland by Alireza Keymanesh and Amir Pousti
SILVER VEILED by Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi
Who I am by Kira Metzler and Riccardo Bernardi
LACUNA by Louise Coetzer
I WILL MEET YOU THERE by Karolina Nieduza
love by Petra Ratiu and Johan Planefeldt

Music by ÒRI from the film Who I am by Kira Metzler and Riccardo Bernardi


Mit Ausschnitten aus / with extracts of:

OME by Camila
Infernal Internal – For What? by Shayna Allen
four songs by Sita Ostheimer
Never Twenty One by Smaïl Kanouté, Henri Coutant
Lost Horse by Adi Halfin
Falling by Qian Min
Risques by Thomas Gerard

Sound by Diego Hauz from the film OME


Mit Ausschnitten aus / with extracts of:

NILYNDA by Jill Crovisier
Snippet by Berit Einemo Frøysland 
Tussen Ons by Fip Kwakkel
God Limps by Blue Ka Wing
Oh Boy! by Hadi Moussally
ANASA by Maya Zimmerlin
Salt Water by Abe Abraham
Bandaloop by Johan Planefeldt
The Shadow Drone Project by Charles Linehan

Sound by Tiago Benzinho from the film NILYNDA by Jill Crovisier


Mit Ausschnitten aus / with extracts of:

Molimo Rehearsal by Jonathan Sanchez
rotten cats by Johan Planefeldt
I could have … by Anna Galinova
Abismo by Aida Diaz
Line by Grzegorz Myjkowski, Katarzyna Ustowska
How to Survive a Breakup by Paolo Veccione
Bhairava by Philip Szporer, Marlene Millar
Ash by Dagmar Dachauer


Mit Ausschnitten aus / with extracts of:

Werewolf Heart by Christian Weber, Dalel Bacre
True Love Waits by Adi Halfin
Heterotopie by Maya Humo
Unspoken by Maja Mirek
TABLEAUX, paysages premiers by Maïté Jeannolin, Charlotte Marchal
Cycles by Miloushka Bokma

Sound by Rutger Zuydervelt


Mit Ausschnitten aus / with extracts of:

Goldfish by Rain Kencana
Rebellion & Johannesburg by Leila El-Kayem
The Wind by Johan Planefeldt
Inconstante by Rocio Gauna, Victoria Ferrari
One floor above sing until someone swims with dolphins by Vik Laschenov
Whispers and wishes by Stella Fotiadi


Mit Ausschnitten aus / with extracts of:

Die Bühne im Kopf by Sonja Schrader
Solarliod by Julia Maria Koch, Torsten Lippstock
HOME ALONE by Adi Halfin
Space Nothing More by Nikodem Wojciechowski
Before We Go by Jorge Leon

Sound by Hoerdur Mar Bjarnason from the film Solarliod