Programme 09.09.2020


Taylor Antisdel
United States 2020
Apartment Taylor Antisdel POOL 20

APARTMENT is an experimental film shot just before quarantine with dancers Georgia Usborne & Xenia Mansour, under the choreographic direction of Katherine Maxwell (Hivewild Dance Company). Directed, shot, and edited by filmmaker Taylor Antisdel, set in Brooklyn, the piece explores the memory of place and touch through movement and a lush musical bed by The Caretaker.

  • #Director: Taylor Antisdel
  • #Country of Production: United States
  • #Year of Production: 2020
  • #Duration: 00:03:45
  • #Dance and Acting: Georgia Usborne, Xenia Mansour
  • #Camera: Taylor Antisdel
  • #Editing: Taylor Antisdel
  • #Music: The Caretaker