Programme 09.09.2020


Alma Karvat Shemesh, Gabriel Schnieder
Israel 2020

Made in no more then two weeks. This short was all filmed behind Alma Karvat-Shemesh’s (The dancer) childhood home in Herzliya, Israel.

A deep and twined forest that up until the COVID-19 pandemic, she didn’t have gotten to know. what was once in her past a glimpse of color from her living room window, turned out to be a rich and colored landscape in her present. within this forest compositions, sounds and metaphors started to arise, all connecting to each other slowly and carefully to the conclusion that the ability to create is sometimes closer than you think.

Sepia is an improvisation tied between Dance, Music and Video. all of the three were preconceived to a concrete theme or story, and all made their way into the arms of each other. When in Quarantine, a subject has only two options, to look inside or to look outside, and when you get the possibility to do so, you can perhaps rediscover you surroundings in a new perspective.

  • #Director: Alma Karvat Shemesh, Gabriel Schnieder
  • #Production: Gabriel Schnieder
  • #Country of Production: Israel
  • #Year of Production: 2020
  • #Duration: 00:05:04
  • #Dance and Acting: Alma Karvat Shemesh
  • #Camera: Gabriel Schnieder
  • #Editing: Gabriel Schnieder
  • #Music: Avshalom meidan