Programme 09.09.2020

This Dance Has No End

Fenia Kotsopoulou, Daz Disley
United Kingdom 2018
Fenia Kotsopoulou - This dance has no end POOL 20

“What happens when someone dies is that we, the living, contain their memory within us … They will live on in us, and we will celebrate them. And dance like there is no tomorrow”. Diane Torr

A dance dedicated to artist, drag king and gender activist Diane Torr who passed away in May 2017. A year to the day, I dance in a black room : a single shot fusing male and female as ode to life and death.

Traditional urban zeybekiko dance of Rebetiko, exclusively danced by men is danced by my hybrid manifestation – blended apescts of my identity. In silence I hear Diane’s words “Take space with all your being. Own the space”. I lift my arms and dance like there is no tomorrow as the camera follows. No edits or retakes : the aim is not to please or excite but to offer myself as site for collective unburdening.