Films 10.09.20

7 & 8 pm |19.00 & 20.00 Uhr | DOCK 11 | 10 €

Presenter | Moderation: Moritz Vierboom

  • MMXX

    MMXX is a short film which visualises an emotional state of mind in today’s world of 2020.
    Due to the devastating outbreak of the covid-19 virus, fear has been a constant companion for many of us. Just so the feeling of loneliness. The required distance to each other – not being able to touch, to hug, to lean on someones shoulder – made the virus not only a danger to our body, but to our soul.
  • Half-Life

    a short choreography of still images
  • We Are All On The Same Bus

    We are all on the same bus, but some of us are more awake than others.
  • OME

    OME, meaning two in nahuatl, is an 8 mm self-portrait of Mexican dancer and choreographer Camila Arroyo. This piece is a study of memories that happened between the cities of New York and Mexico City at a time when visa restrictions threatened her possibility to call both of these places home.
  • four songs

    ‘four songs’ by Sita Ostheimer & Guests. Choreographed by Sita Ostheimer via video call, during Covid-19 lock down, April-May, in order to give the dancers a moment of focus, physical creativity and sensation of purpose, during this challenging times. Giving the viewers a hug of sensations, love and desires. Desire = motivation.
    Sita Ostheimer wanted to discover the room which was created through the limitations of space and real human connection. Limitations through walls of rooms, walls of screens, walls of challenging sound quality, walls of camera quality, walls created by not knowing.
    What was left was the square of a screen.
    Working with forced limitations in order to open the imaginary world.


    Soft stone shedding.
    Hard water, merging veins.
    Inside or outside. Bodies, connected.
    The earth, the stone, the air, the sea.
    Cold scream of burning lungs. Creating.
    Path bodies, planting bodies, growing bodies.
    Connected. Inside or Outside.
  • Breath to Breath

    Memories are experiences reflected in someone’s face, glance or posture. They are signals, as elusive traces in the body: manifest or suppressed. I examine the language of the body in relation to its environment.
    In this videowork I show situations of human ability and inability to cope with his own history. Loss, mourning, saying goodbye, rediscover yourself and connectedness are recurring themes.

    Watch the film :

  • NO

    “No” is born from the Asylum show from Kibbutz Dance Company, which I saw last year at the Suzanne. Dellal Centre in Tel-Aviv. I combined the contemporary dance and the floorwork with some dancehall basic steps, because I love how grounded is dancehall groove and how connected to the roots it is and that matched perfectly with the song.

    A choreographic exploration of the ecdysis process.
    A procedure in which reptiles and arthropods shed their old skin and discard their outgrown layers. Snakes and various insects must undergo this transformation several times throughout their lives, as it is necessary for growth. However, the process is neither easy nor fast. It takes time, energy and the right circumstances. Once the process is complete, the body is not only stronger and healthier, but lighter and freer.

    emotional topography of the body
    landscape of memories
    becoming fluid
    body ocean
    liquid space

    produced during a residency at MALAKTA ART FACTORY

    financially supported by the Austrian Embassy in Helsinki
  • Le Bal