Programme 10.10.2020


Camila Arroyo
Mexico, United States 2019
Camila Arroyo - OME

OME, meaning two in nahuatl, is an 8 mm self-portrait of Mexican dancer and choreographer Camila Arroyo. This piece is a study of memories that happened between the cities of New York and Mexico City at a time when visa restrictions threatened her possibility to call both of these places home.

  • #Director: Camila Arroyo
  • #Choreography: Camila Arroyo
  • #Production: Stereoma Films
  • #Country of Production: Mexico, United States
  • #Year of Production: 2019
  • #Duration: 00:03:38
  • #Dance and Acting: Camila Arroyo
  • #Camera: Isaiah Sears
  • #Editing: Axel de Chaunac aka losmose
  • #Music: Diego Hauz
  • #Trailer: