Verònica Hernández Royo
Spain 2019

“No” is born from the Asylum show from Kibbutz Dance Company, which I saw last year at the Suzanne.Dellal Centre in Tel-Aviv. I combined the contemporary dance and the floorwork with some dancehall basic steps, because I love how grounded is dancehall groove and how connected to the roots it is and that matched perfectly with the song.

  • #Director: Verònica Hernández Royo
  • #Choreography: Verònica Hernández Royo
  • #Production: Valeria Gallardo
  • #Country of Production: Spain
  • #Year of Production: 2019
  • #Duration: 00:04:58
  • #Dance and Acting: Ámbaar Murgia, Sara Morales, Verònica Hernández Royo
  • #Camera: Valeria Gallardo
  • #Editing: Valeria Gallardo
  • #Music: No, Nicolas Jaar