Programme 10.09.2020

four songs

Sita Ostheimer
Germany 2020
four songs Sita Ostheimer POOL 20

‘four songs’by Sita Ostheimer & Guests. Choreographed by Sita Ostheimer via video call, during Covid-19 lock down, April-May, in order to give the dancers a moment of focus, physical creativity and sensation of purpose, during this challenging times. Giving the viewers a hug of sensations, love and desires. Desire = motivation.
Sita Ostheimer wanted to discover the room which was created through the limitations of space and real human connection. Limitations through walls of rooms, walls of screens, walls of challenging sound quality, walls of camera quality, walls created by not knowing.
What was left was the square of a screen.
Working with forced limitations in order to open the imaginary world.

  • #Director: Sita Ostheimer
  • #Country of Production: Germany
  • #Year of Production: 2020
  • #Duration: 00:16:43
  • #Dance and Acting: Jonathan Sanchez, Manuel Molino, Jorane Berger, Clémentine Herveux, Jakob Kneip
  • #Editing: Jonathan Sanchez
  • #Music: Sita Ostheimer
  • #Webpage: