Programme 27.11.2008


Ayelet Lerman
Israel, Jerusalem

A childhood image of two girls – now adult women – reflecting each other until the point of invisibility of each other and reflecting uponeach other a voyage through their adolescence – where they seem to swallow each other‘s being into one integrated being; or fi ght each other‘s dominance on the gaze into annihilation […]

  • #Director: Ayelet Lerman
  • #Choreography: Shani Tamari
  • #Country of Production: Israel, Jerusalem
  • #Duration: 00:06:40
  • #Dance and Acting: Shani Tamari, Noa Dar
  • #Camera: Ayelet Lerman
  • #Editing: Ayelet Lerman
  • #Music: J.S. Bach
Programme 27.11.2008

Cartographie 7 Le Bassin

Philippe Saire
Switzerland, Lausanne 2008

C This short film unfolds in a garden which has the form of a large semi-circular tank. It is a wasteland in the centre of the city. Three dancers are going to take over this space and carry out a strange topographical survey. Starting with a formal response linked to the architectural beauty of the […]

  • #Director: Philippe Saire
  • #Choreography: Philippe Saire
  • #Country of Production: Switzerland, Lausanne
  • #Year of Production: 2008
  • #Duration: 00:08:22
  • #Dance and Acting: Philippe Chosson, Michael Henrotay Delaunay, David Zagari
  • #Camera: Philippe Saire
  • #Webpage:
Programme 27.11.2008


Katrin Riedel-Kelly - Dance on Film Projects
Germany, Berlin

‚Ourself behind ourself concealed should startle most‘ E. Dickinson Blue is a fi lm for three dancers exploring the effects of postmodern architecture and citylife on the (female) body and psyche. The inescapability of the surveillance systems, open spaces and the density of human life allows for no real privacy. Being watched, permanently examining and […]

  • #Director: Katrin Riedel-Kelly - Dance on Film Projects
  • #Choreography: Katrin Riedel-Kelly, Christina Teague-Mann
  • #Country of Production: Germany, Berlin
  • #Duration: 00:11:51
  • #Dance and Acting: Uma Marthe, Christina Teague-Mann, Katrin Riedel-Kelly
  • #Camera: Christina Teague-Mann
  • #Editing: Anthony Straeger
  • #Music: Quid In Shrapnel Productions
  • #Webpage:,
Programme 27.11.2008

Maps of Emotion

Lutz Gregor
Germany, Köln

Im Herzen verbunden sein, auch an getrennten Orten. Die Synchronität gleichzeitiger Ereignisse. Urbane Körper, die sich nach inneren Landkarten bewegen. GPS. Wo immer wir auch hingehen, wir bleiben doch die Selben. Drei Filme nebeneinander. Eine Kamera folgt ihm, die andere ihr, alles in einer durchgehenden Einstellung. Die Augen der Zuschauer folgen mal ihm, mal ihr […]

  • #Director: Lutz Gregor
  • #Choreography: Yoann Boyer, Christophe Degelin, Manon Greiner, Hannes Langolf, Marija Slavec, Joe Walkling
  • #Country of Production: Germany, Köln
  • #Duration: 00:14:30
  • #Dance and Acting: Yoann Boyer, Christophe Degelin, Manon Greiner, Hannes Langolf, Marija Slavec, Joe Walkling
  • #Camera: Lutz Gregor, Toni Scholz
  • #Music: Jonny Greenwood, Patrico Wang, Michael Rodach
  • #Webpage:
Programme 27.11.2008

Public & Privé

Caroline Bo / Compagnie Caroline Bo
Germany, Berlin

The double duet „Public&Privé“ is watching the couples walking by in the street and imagining what their gestures could be in the intimacy of their bed that the concept of this duet occurred to me. One duet (on video) is danced standing up and refl ects the life of a couple in public, a life […]

  • #Director: Caroline Bo / Compagnie Caroline Bo
  • #Choreography: Caroline Bo
  • #Country of Production: Germany, Berlin
  • #Duration: 00:08:48
  • #Dance and Acting: Beate Arndt, Ivo Bauchiero, Caroline Bo, Sébastien Mari
  • #Camera: Lutz Gregor, Toni Scholz
  • #Music: Jonny Greenwood, Patrico Wang, Michael Rodach
  • #Webpage:
Programme 27.11.2008

Un Espace Interieur Infi nit

Carlos Moore
USA, New York

Body and breath. An industrial building in decay. A dancer and singer performing with algorhythmic music, giving a romance that is in opposition to the synthetic spirituality of a computer-generated environment.The spiritual belief and the romanticized void that we carry while fi nding our place in the micromacrocosm, connecting physical and spiritual identity of places […]

  • #Director: Carlos Moore
  • #Choreography: Miquel Aristegui
  • #Country of Production: USA, New York
  • #Duration: 00:06:00
  • #Dance and Acting: Mikel Aristegui
  • #Camera: Jide Tom Akinleminu, Gabriella Fiore, Carlos Moore
  • #Editing: Carlos Moore
Programm 27.11.2008

DIM “The Light Of Mine”

Gabriel Walsh

DIM. „This Little Light of Mine“ is a madhouse of self-help, doubt, delusion, dogma and directed energy. „Love your scars, they are beautiful“, whisper your guides…. and off we go, on a song and dance romp to nirvana.

  • #Director: Gabriel Walsh
  • #Country of Production: Germany
  • #Duration: 00:10:00
  • #Dance and Acting: Gabriel Walsh, Meyrick Pryne, Yuka Steingraeber, Daniel Hinojo, Francesca Romana Ciardi, Brina Kate Steinhelfer
  • #Camera: Michaela Stella Bagnoli, Milu Grutta
  • #Editing: Milu Grutta
  • #Music: „The little light of mine“, gospel standard, „I want to be loved by you“, Marylin Monroe, „Hey big spender“, Street Charity Musical
Programm 27.11.2008


Grazyna Stepniak


Der Treibstoff des technologischen Zeitalters ist die Elektrizität und das Streben des Menschen nach Licht und Energie, welche ihn zum Laufburschen der globalen und konkurrierenden Gesellschaft werden lassen. Der moderne Tanz wird mit dem Electrosound zum pulsierenden Videoclip „Box“ verbunden. Der Sound bildet die Inspirationsquelle der Vision. Im audiovisuellen Medium erlebt der Zuschauer den Körper […]

  • #Director: Grazyna Stepniak
  • #Duration: 00:04:36
  • #Dance and Acting: Clint Lutes, Christian Schwaan
  • #Camera: Matthias Pilz
  • #Editing: Grazyna Stepniak
  • #Music: Marc Weiser, Christian Nikolaus Conrad
  • #Webpage:
Programm 27.11.2008


Noa Dar, Kefar Sava


A moving self portrait using layers of projected images. „Bathing in the light of her body.. captures glimpses of intimacy as she rolls in self reflection. „

  • #Director: Noa Dar, Kefar Sava
  • #Choreography: Noa Dar
  • #Duration: 00:04:05
  • #Dance and Acting: Noa Dar
  • #Camera: Noa Dar
  • #Editing: Noa Dar
Programm 27.11.2008

SLICE – a visceral dissection

Su-En, Su-En Butoh Company

SLICE is a stark and beautiful experimental art video created by Swedish choreographer and butoh artist SU-EN in collaboraton with video artist Rickard Sporrong and British composer Lee Berwick. The video presents the body as a living organism, a living sculpture. It is a visceral dissection of the body, a playful dissonance between the inside […]

  • #Director: Su-En, Su-En Butoh Company
  • #Choreography: Su-En
  • #Country of Production: Germany
  • #Duration: 00:08:30
  • #Dance and Acting: Su-En
  • #Camera: Rickard Sporrong/Rrong Production
  • #Editing: Rickard Sporrong/ Rrong Productions
  • #Webpage: