Programme 27.11.2008


Ayelet Lerman
Israel, Jerusalem

A childhood image of two girls – now adult women – reflecting each other until the point of invisibility of each other and reflecting upon
each other a voyage through their adolescence – where they seem to swallow each other‘s being into one integrated being; or fi ght each other‘s dominance on the gaze into annihilation – then they come back to their field and vanish…

  • #Director: Ayelet Lerman
  • #Choreography: Shani Tamari
  • #Country of Production: Israel, Jerusalem
  • #Duration: 00:06:40
  • #Dance and Acting: Shani Tamari, Noa Dar
  • #Camera: Ayelet Lerman
  • #Editing: Ayelet Lerman
  • #Music: J.S. Bach