Programme 27.11.2008

Public & Privé

Caroline Bo / Compagnie Caroline Bo
Germany, Berlin

The double duet „Public&Privé“ is watching the couples walking by in the street and imagining what their gestures could be in the intimacy of their bed that the concept of this duet occurred to me. One duet (on video) is danced standing up and refl ects the life of a couple in public, a life made of conventional, of „politically correct“ gestures. Another duet (on stage) is danced on the fl oor and reflects the life of a couple in his intimacy, a life made of very sensual gestures that gives the audience the feeling they are seeing something they ought not to. Two duets that unroll simultaneously and that echoe each other. In „Public&privé“, I have reflected upon the infl uence that others‘ gaze has upon our behaviour. Every sinlge gesture of both couples reveals love, tenderness, desire. But whether the couple is in a public place or in a place shielded from strangers‘ eyes, the expression of these feelings will take on a very different shape.

  • #Director: Caroline Bo / Compagnie Caroline Bo
  • #Choreography: Caroline Bo
  • #Country of Production: Germany, Berlin
  • #Duration: 00:08:48
  • #Dance and Acting: Beate Arndt, Ivo Bauchiero, Caroline Bo, Sébastien Mari
  • #Camera: Lutz Gregor, Toni Scholz
  • #Music: Jonny Greenwood, Patrico Wang, Michael Rodach
  • #Webpage: