Programme 27.11.2008

Cartographie 7 Le Bassin

Philippe Saire
Switzerland, Lausanne 2008

C This short film unfolds in a garden which has the form of a large semi-circular tank. It is a wasteland in the centre of the city. Three dancers are going to take over this space and carry out a strange topographical survey. Starting with a formal response linked to the architectural beauty of the place, they then drift towards the organic side of nature, which has here been domesticated. This fi lm is in many ways a rite of
passage, comprising a physical test, the simulation of death and fi nally rebirth.

  • #Director: Philippe Saire
  • #Choreography: Philippe Saire
  • #Country of Production: Switzerland, Lausanne
  • #Year of Production: 2008
  • #Duration: 00:08:22
  • #Dance and Acting: Philippe Chosson, Michael Henrotay Delaunay, David Zagari
  • #Camera: Philippe Saire
  • #Webpage: