Programme 27.11.2008


Katrin Riedel-Kelly - Dance on Film Projects
Germany, Berlin

‚Ourself behind ourself concealed should startle most‘ E. Dickinson Blue is a fi lm for three dancers exploring the effects of postmodern architecture and citylife on the (female) body and psyche. The inescapability of the surveillance systems, open spaces and the density of human life allows for no real privacy. Being watched, permanently examining and watching ourselves, in a world, in which image dominates being. The mask, behind which the inner landscape of our longings and dreams lies bare.

  • #Director: Katrin Riedel-Kelly - Dance on Film Projects
  • #Choreography: Katrin Riedel-Kelly, Christina Teague-Mann
  • #Country of Production: Germany, Berlin
  • #Duration: 00:11:51
  • #Dance and Acting: Uma Marthe, Christina Teague-Mann, Katrin Riedel-Kelly
  • #Camera: Christina Teague-Mann
  • #Editing: Anthony Straeger
  • #Music: Quid In Shrapnel Productions
  • #Webpage:,