Pearls 29.11.2008

Cartographie 9 LaBoule d‘Or

Phillipe Saire
Switzerland, Lausanne 2008

A quiet little island hidden away under a bridge in Lausanne: the bowling club of La Boule d‘Or is home to a team of pensioners who join in a very strange game under the direction of a choreographer. In a mix of documentary and choreography, the film unfolds like a poem written by bodies dedicated to the passing time, to the team spirit, to the learning of collective movement and to the peaceful life. An ode to the game of bowls… A bittersweet waltz…

  • #Director: Phillipe Saire
  • #Choreography: Phillipe Saire
  • #Country of Production: Switzerland, Lausanne
  • #Year of Production: 2008
  • #Dance and Acting: Marc Huber, André Mercier, Gaétan Paratore, Günther Schmidt
  • #Camera: Bruno Deville
  • #Webpage: