PEARL 07.09.2019

Mars & Venus, phases d’opposition

Julien Audebert
France 2016

MARS & VENUS opposition phases, is an unique sequence-shot about celestial mechanics, the machinery of cinema anddance. It is a sound film about appearances and reality, an experience about the place of the viewer.Beyond the geometric and scientific project basis, the film develops a tension between the relentless astronomicalmeasurement, and the body of a dancer. […]

  • #Title: Mars & Venus, phases d'opposition
  • #Director: Julien Audebert
  • #Choreography: Alice Renavand, Alexandre Gasse, Julien Audebert
  • #Country of Production: France
  • #Year of Production: 2016
  • #Duration: 00:10:16
  • #Dance and Acting: Alice Renavand
  • #Camera: Alexandre Parouty
PEARL 07.09.2019

The Shadow Drone Project

Charles Linehan
United Kingdom, Lithuania 2018

The Shadow Drone Project began as a collaboration between choreographer Charles Linehan and Lithuanian aerialphotographer Karolis Janulis, filming planned and unplanned events in civic and natural environments from an unmanned aerial vehicle. Shot in morning or late afternoon sunshine, the aerial viewpoint offers a unique cinematic perspective of dynamic patterning, where shadows of people and […]

  • #Title: The Shadow Drone Project
  • #Director: Charles Linehan
  • #Choreography: Charles Linehan
  • #Country of Production: United Kingdom, Lithuania
  • #Year of Production: 2018
  • #Duration: 00:09:45
  • #Camera: Charles Linehan, Karolis Janulis
  • #Sound: J.Clark
PEARL 07.09.2019

Salt Water

Abe Abraham
USA 2017

Salt Water explores the contrast between the force of natural events and our own need and desire for stability.

  • #Title: Salt Water
  • #Director: Abe Abraham
  • #Choreography: Abe Abraham
  • #Country of Production: USA
  • #Year of Production: 2017
  • #Duration: 00:05:57
  • #Dance and Acting: Daniel White, Izablea Szylinska, Angel Kay, Caitlin Abraham, Jake Warren
  • #Camera: Franke DeMarco
  • #Editing: Abe Abraham
  • #Sound: JT Bullitt
PEARL 07.09.2019


Maja Zimmerlin, Thomas Delord, ODOS Productions
Greece 2018

Earthquake. Inside or outside. A connection through matter and its dissolution. The earth, the stone, the sand, the sea.Bodies. Connected. Dry Flowers pushing out from the sand. Dissolving. Filled bodies, unstoppable. Earth bodies, floating inside or outside.

  • #Title: Anasa
  • #Director: Maja Zimmerlin, Thomas Delord, ODOS Productions
  • #Choreography: Maja Zimmerlin
  • #Country of Production: Greece
  • #Year of Production: 2018
  • #Duration: 00:04:03
  • #Dance and Acting: Aurore Allo, Antonio Terrones, Kritonas Anastasopoulos, Lito Anastasopoulou, Zoé Leduc
  • #Camera: Thomas Delord
  • #Editing: Thomas Delord
  • #Sound: Maja Zimmerlin, Thomas Delord
  • #Music: Maja Zimmerlin, Thomas Delord
  • #Webpage:
PEARL 07.09.2019


Jill Crovisier
Taiwan 2018

NILYNDA, Andy Lin in reverse, is a short dance film about gender identifcation. As humans, we are constantly confronted ofbeing categorized and stereotyped. Many factors play an importance when it comes to identity. In this film, you see the beautyand strength of a young man who tries to find his place in a world of […]

  • #Title: NILYNDA
  • #Director: Jill Crovisier
  • #Choreography: Jill Crovisier, Andy Lin
  • #Country of Production: Taiwan
  • #Year of Production: 2018
  • #Duration: 00:03:13
  • #Dance and Acting: Andy Lin
  • #Camera: Jill Crovisier
  • #Editing: Jill Crovisier
  • #Sound: Tiago Benzinho
  • #Music: Tiago Benzinho