Programme 12.09.2013

The Time it Takes

Katrina McPherson, Simon Fildes
United Kingdoms 2013

the time it takes
to arrive
to live
to make a land
to find
to fall
to settle in
to work
to build
to seize the day
to journey
to be happy
to make a story
to dance
to pick up the pieces
to laugh
to sing a song
to love
to grow
to bury the dead
to lose
to uncover the past
to walk
to imagine the future
to leave
to return
the time,
it takes

  • #Director: Katrina McPherson, Simon Fildes
  • #Choreography: Simon Ellis, Rosalind Masson, Dai Jian
  • #Country of Production: United Kingdoms
  • #Year of Production: 2013
  • #Duration: 00:11:00
  • #Dance and Acting: Simon Ellis, Rosalind Masson, Dai Jian
  • #Camera: Katrina McPherson
  • #Editing: Simon Fildes
  • #Sound: John Cobban, Simon Fildes
  • #Music: David Lintern, James Weaver