Programme 12.09.2013

TurnAround Tango

Carino Marites
Canada 2012

In the dance for camera short TurnAround Tango, a quirky couple puts a twist on the sultry dance form and back-to-back
becomes the new cheek-to-cheek. As they feel each other out, in this awkward, yet sexy dance, their hope builds until their eyes meet for the first time. Could this be ‘the one’ ? In this world of cyber connections, the film explores the ideas of superficial intimacy, challenges in making connections, how we seek out relationships and the loss of social skills as we skirt the vulnerability of face-to-face interaction.

  • #Director: Carino Marites
  • #Choreography: 605 Collective
  • #Country of Production: Canada
  • #Year of Production: 2012
  • #Duration: 00:06:52
  • #Dance and Acting: Lisa Gelley, Josh Martin
  • #Camera: Donald Robitaille
  • #Editing: Kara Blake
  • #Music: Alex Clements