Programme 27.11.2020

L’ Autre

Cristina Dias

Choreographieic suspense, „L‘autre“ presents the trouble of a man followed by his double. Locked in to protect himself from the elements, he has to face an inside stranger, a „pussyfoot“ danger-agent, a seducer demon. In a landscape opposing the rigidity of the set and the fl uidity of the gesture, one‘s every day clothes to one‘s half naked silhouette, mental images fl ow following the obsessional fl ux of the water that gives rhythm to the movie. Purifying water, punishing water, water that saves and kills. One has to put together an escape plan expecting to get rid of „ L‘autre“, what it may means, sometimes, to have to bang itself against the walls…

  • #Director: Cristina Dias
  • #Choreography: Claudio Bernardo
  • #Production: Kinodoc asbl, As Palavras Cie Claudio Bernardo, Cristina Dias
  • #Country of Production: Belgium
  • #Duration: 00:13:00
  • #Dance and Acting: Claudio Bernardo
  • #Camera: Didier Minne, Cristina Dias
  • #Editing: Didier Minne, Cristina Dias