Programme 27.11.2008

First Floor

Ornit Mark

A Solo dance performed by 6 dancers, in the same space at different times. There is a feeling that where I am there were others before me and more are to come, different people on the same paths. This circularity is enriched by situations that cannot be clearly characterized as realistic or as feelings, thoughts and personal paranoias of each of the dancers.

  • #Director: Ornit Mark
  • #Choreography: Ornit Mark
  • #Country of Production: Israel
  • #Duration: 00:05:30
  • #Dance and Acting: Yair Barelli, Noa Dar, Einat Ganz, Tammy Kleinman Itzhaki, Anat Shapira, Guy Leon, Natalie Levin
  • #Camera: Asaf Agranat, Ben Buchenbacher
  • #Editing: Ornit Mark
  • #Music: John Zorn