PEARLS 21 – 09.09.2021

7 & 8 pm |19.00 & 20.00 Uhr | DOCK 11 | 10 €


  • We Men
    We Men is a short length performance film that highlights, explores and gives room for questioning the internal crises that a number of men have to deal with as it relates to communicating and accepting their feminine self (i.e Anima).
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  • Long Lane
    This is an alley where I grew up. It was the only way to my grandmother’s house when I was a child. When I walked into it, my footsteps would be very clear, let my heart find peace.
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  • Hong Kong – episode two
    A visual representation of a day inside the hectic city.
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  • Come Rain or Shine
    In a society of extreme distortion, people lives like ants and they actually don’t mind about it. Sunlight may not be inevitable, and in fact the rain may bring more clarity to the mind and body.
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  • In Plain Sight
    In Plain Sight is the result of months of exploring urban movements on a boulevard in Tehran, Iran. In a society where many questions and restrictions exist around the concept of ‘movement’, three performers try to define the borders of dance.
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  • A que passo você está de perder o controle?
    There are various perceptions about what time we are in and what loads our bodies can bear. It’s like an existential struggle that goes through the body, generating deep internal emotional discharge.
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  • George
    “George” was motivated by the killing of George Floyd in May, 2020 and the global reaction to this horrifying display of racial brutality.
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    SALTO is a shimmering slow-motion 10-min-rollercoaster of frictions between rocks, skin, saltwater, wind, feathers, fur, moss and concrete. A single panning movement of the camera circumscribes the dramatically contrasting landscapes of Madeira Island, Portugal.
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  • Hugging you