Films 5.9.19

  • God Limps

    Can you give me a hand to fix my collar?
  • Lunar
    Lunar is a short dance film narrated by a body and its shadows that reveal to each movement and pauses the essence ofemotional restlessness and psychic forces. The film symbolizes everything that is under the influence of lunar energy: the nature of death, life and human virtues.

    A collaboration between choreographer Franka Marlene Foth and director Fiona Jane Burgess, Versus documents two female dancers moving through the external corridors and open courtyards of the Hofgarten estate in Berlin, a modernist concrete-maze.

    The choreography is concerned with the process of everyday life as a woman, a dancer, and a creative – impulsive and powerful, but also, at times, sloppy and slow. It’s a study of contrasts: sexy and ugly, heavy and light, strong and soft. It’s about trying to find balance and synchronicity.

  • Snippet

    Snippet from rehearsals on “A study in the language games of Wittgenstein”
  • Oh Boy!

    Based on the dance-piece “Oh Boy!” by Antonin Rioche “Loneliness. For some of you, the word may not be very familiar, butthe feeling, though, you know it quite well.”

  • Der Weg hinauf und hinab ist ein und derselbe

    Treppengeräuschkomposition in Costa / Italien
  • The Dérive
    An exploration of social and cultural issues. A dancer moves among the people in an old bazaar in Tehran capturing theresponses and reactions. Dance is prohibited in Iran.
  • The Gods Of Tiny Things

    Hybrid beings in hectic landscapes enact and re-enact the rhythms of imperilled life on a climate-changing planet.

  • Effluvia

    Breathe in… Breathe out.
    The need to live is connected with the need to survive.
    It is based on the need for continuous, non-stop cohesion.
    Pause… Heart beats…
    The condition of serene ignorance.
    They threw us out, in the vastness of the earth, offensively and inexplicably.
    She was being nurtured by the past
    …which she felt it more like a story, rather than the voice of some forgotten memory.
    Breathe in… Breathe out.
    Pause… Heart beats…