PEARL 13.09.14

Nol King Ruter

Noud Heerkens
Netherlands 2012

  Nol King Ruter celebrates his 65th birthday with a grand banquet, inviting his closest family, friends and colleagues. Many join in, to give him an unforgettable day. During the festivities, old quarrels flare up, new loves arise, while Nol King Ruter challenges the dancers to battle over his legacy. The old master embodies the […]

  • #Title: Nol King Ruter
  • #Director: Noud Heerkens
  • #Choreography: Suzy Blok, Ton Lutgerink
  • #Country of Production: Netherlands
  • #Year of Production: 2012
  • #Duration: 00:30:00
  • #Dance and Acting: Ton Lutgerink, Emilie Birraux, Marinke Eijgenraam, Francesca Peniguel, Suet-Wan Tsang, Abdelhadi Baaddi, Tim Boerlijst, Corneliu Ganea, Shahar Loebel, Dries van der Post
  • #Camera: Niels Boon
  • #Editing: Nathalie Alonso Casale
  • #Music: Harry de Wit
PEARL 13.09.14


Mads Dinesen, Mali Lazell, Adrian Künzel
Germany 2014

  “Choose Your Battles. Fight The Fight.” The journey of a warrior. A short Fashionfilm for the A/W 2014 collection “Smoke-clad Warrior” by Mads Dinesen. Throughout the history of humanity and everywhere on earth, individuals, movements, and groups of people have expressed their ideals and principles by means of protests, marches and demonstrations. Recently, we […]

  • #Director: Mads Dinesen, Mali Lazell, Adrian Künzel
  • #Choreography: ANIMA‡ , Yuko Kaseki, KADDISH
  • #Country of Production: Germany
  • #Year of Production: 2014
  • #Duration: 00:02:53
  • #Dance and Acting: Yuko Kaseki, KADDISH
  • #Camera: Adrian Künzel, Mali Lazell
  • #Editing: Adrian Künzel
  • #Sound: Adrian Künzel
Special 13.09.14

Glove Story

Oren Shkedy
Israel 2013

Glove Story explores the notion of personal space and the all-too-often invasion into it. It asks the question: what are the psychological, physical and social repercussions of treating borders as mere suggestions? This question echoes much stronger in the local political climate of our region and of our times. The film follows four characters through […]

  • #Title: Glove Story
  • #Director: Oren Shkedy
  • #Choreography: Dana Ruttenberg
  • #Country of Production: Israel
  • #Year of Production: 2013
  • #Duration: 00:38:10
  • #Dance and Acting: Adi Boutrous, Ayala Frenkel, Inbar Nemirovsky, Uri Shafir, Ohad Knoller, Riki Blich
  • #Camera: Ram Shweky
  • #Editing: Oren Shkedy
  • #Music: Franz Liszt, The Lost Fingers, Murcof, Pentaphobe, Jeannie Seely, Ayelet Robinson
Broadcast 13.09.14


24 hours of international dance films from POOL 14 on! Starting 13. September at 10pm CET

Programme 13.09.13


Johan Planefeldt
India, Germany 2012

An evolutionary body journey from the beach to the ocean. Spiraling unrevealing in search of the forgotten elements. Meeting the force of nature with sensitivity. Practicing physical awareness, reclaiming a long lost space within the heart of the matter.  

  • #Title: In Touch
  • #Director: Johan Planefeldt
  • #Choreography: Shiran Eliaserov
  • #Country of Production: India, Germany
  • #Year of Production: 2012
  • #Duration: 00:11:48
  • #Camera: Johan Planefeldt
  • #Editing: Johan Planefeldt
  • #Music: Alexander Balanescu, Ibrahim Maalouf
  • #Webpage:
PEARL 2013

Off Ground

Boudewijn Koole
Netherlands 2013

A light grey room. A slender woman of 50 and a 12-year-old boy. Joined together like the links of a chain. Changing positions at a constant rate. One flowing movement. Never losing touch with each other. A game played by a mother and her child. A kind of tango. Sound of feet. Breathing. Faint smiles. […]

  • #Title: Off Ground
  • #Director: Boudewijn Koole
  • #Choreography: Jakop Ahlbom
  • #Country of Production: Netherlands
  • #Year of Production: 2013
  • #Duration: 00:12:25
  • #Dance and Acting: Louise Lecavalier, Antoine Masson
  • #Camera: Melle van Essen
  • #Editing: Boudewijn Koole
  • #Sound: Mark Glynne
  • #Music: Alex Simu
Pearl 12


Rain Kencana
Germany 2012

  Kadir „Amigo“ Memis & Andrea Böge zeigen mit „Maktub“ ein Duo, dessen Ausgangsmaterial der HipHop ist, den Böge mit Flamenco und (der in der Türkei geborene) Amigo virtuos mit Zeybek kombiniert. Die Frage nach kultureller Herkunft bekommt hier tänzerisch Kontur. Gleichzeitig geht es ihnen um das Verhältnis von Mann und Frau.

  • #Title: Maktub
  • #Director: Rain Kencana
  • #Choreography: Kadir Memis aka Amigo, Flying Steps, Andrea Böge
  • #Country of Production: Germany
  • #Year of Production: 2012
  • #Duration: 00:03:15
  • #Dance and Acting: Amigo, Andrea Böge
  • #Camera: Jalaludin Trautmann
  • #Editing: Rain Kencana
  • #Music: Vincent von Schlippenbach