Programme 16.10.2009

ALB’ATROZ II, le temps de la chute (the time of fall)

France 2008

First, I am a Cosmos Angel, I become a sphere, I draw a cross inside my body circle. Facing adversity, I answer questions. Fish between my teeth. Limping throug. I fly backwards in an upside-down beautiful landscape. I tread on heads with dogs. I spit out the fish. I become a cow and then ! I, fall, rise This choreography embodies a transforming journey probing concepts of rise and fall.”In free fall towards take off ” Alb’atroz II finds a balance between two extremes, seizes a tragic fate and turns it into an art. 
The strange trinity composed of the artist and two assistants builds its own breathtaking universe. It weaves heroic displays, tangible moves with a unique range of colourful sounds.

  • #Choreography: Veronica Vallecillo
  • #Country of Production: France
  • #Year of Production: 2008
  • #Dance and Acting: Veronica Vallecillo
  • #Music: Uriel Barthelemi
  • #Webpage: