Programme 17.10.2009

MindBox 904

Christian Graupner
Italy, Germany 2007-2009

Zappala & Graupner found together in 2006 and collaborated in several improvisations- and shooting sessions to generate a large
library of gestures and sound-patterns on which the audiovisual installation and movie MindBox builds up. The name MindBox
references to the expression ‘beatbox’ which describes a form of vocal percussion in hiphop.
The movie has a form of a triptych an deals with the aesthetics and paradigms of a gambling machine. In a playfull way MindBox presents and recomposes sounds and movements while drawing

  • #Director: Christian Graupner
  • #Choreography: Roberto Zappalà
  • #Country of Production: Italy, Germany
  • #Year of Production: 2007-2009
  • #Duration: 00:13:00
  • #Dance and Acting: Roberto Zappalà
  • #Music: Christian Graupner / Norbert Schnell / Roberto Zappalà