PEARL 23, 16.09.2023


Dancing for the body is like rain for the desert: it might survive without it but it thirsts for it always; it is nature. In the incredible landscape of Kavir-e-Lut in eastern Iran, Mentrix is longing to find her own nature.
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Mentrix, Gilles Estève
Iran, Germany 2019

A creature covered head to toe appears at the top of a sand cliff. On top of the desolated world, she appears strong, mysterious, wild… but hidden. A queen dressed in red walks through the desert, escorted by women dressed in black chaddor. They walk with purpose through the desert. The creature is walking in the same formation escorted by the same women. The creature and the queen are walking towards each other, whom is looking for whom ? Will they meet ?

The word nature refers to the natural world as well as to one’s inner nature. The desert is where Majnun (the “lit” one, the one who has lost his mind to love) ends up wandering in the eternal swirl (dance) with the Beloved… Mentrix’s nature seeks her higher self in the desert of her soul.

  • #Title: Nature
  • #Director: Mentrix, Gilles Estève
  • #Choreography: Nelly Ahlroth
  • #Production: Initiative Musik, Under Cover, House Of Strength Records
  • #Country of Production: Iran, Germany
  • #Year of Production: 2019
  • #Duration: 00:04:35
  • #Dance and Acting: Aida, Elina, Mahsa, Faeze
  • #Camera: Quentin De Lamarzelle
  • #Editing: Samar Rad
  • #Music: Mentrix
  • #Screenplay: Mentrix, Gilles Esteve
  • #Webpage:
  • #Trailer: