Programme 2007


Jara Serrano, Diegonante
Germany 2006

Aliss22 is the first collaboration between the dancers and choreographer Jara Serrano and the visual artist and musician Diegonante. They met in October 2006 a during one-month-long they were living together playing different rules in order to explore the human behaviour and the value of intimacy, In communication, individualism, ego, loneliness, were some rules to play with. Trying to bring outside the intimacy they confronted the bodies in the public space and recording in with a video camera. Aliss22 shows just 13 minutes from 25 hours of footage recorded. Aliss22 was screened in May in VIDEODANCE 2007, Thessaloniki International Film Festivals and ART-Athina, International art fair.

  • #Director: Jara Serrano, Diegonante
  • #Production: Diegonante
  • #Country of Production: Germany
  • #Year of Production: 2006
  • #Duration: 00:13:36
  • #Dance and Acting: Jara Serrano, Diegonante
  • #Editing: Jara Serrano, Diegonante
  • #Music: Diegonante