Pearls 16.09.2012

Suku Yola

Yola Yulfianti
Indonesia 2011

The concept of the film is based on the fact I am born, grown up and also live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Jakarta is a melting pot of the multiple cultures and tribes of Indonesia. In Indonesia, the place of origin, connected with its own specific culture and language, is still very important. In Jakarta, many people come from different areas of Indonesia to start a new life here and still hold on their roots. But since I am born and grown up in Jakarta, I feel that I am not having the roots to a certain tradition. In this film, I am trying to develop my own tribe, which I call SUKU YOLA. (suku is from Indonesian language and means tribe). Through this, I try to express my feeling of not having roots.

  • #Director: Yola Yulfianti
  • #Choreography: Yola Yulfianti
  • #Country of Production: Indonesia
  • #Year of Production: 2011
  • #Duration: 00:13:00
  • #Dance and Acting: Yola Yulfianti, Dilliani, Nurhasanah, Helda, Rica O Darmawan, Rizki Suharlin Putri, Ery Yovan Anggara, Verawati, Eka Octaviana
  • #Camera: Yola Yulfianti, Purbo Wahyono and the Dancers
  • #Editing: Yola Yulfianti
  • #Sound: Yola Yulfianti