Pearls 16.09.2012

Angel Alley

Jo Parkes, Anton Califano, Alesandra Seutin
United Kingdoms 2012

Angel Alley is part of an international dance-film project \”Postcards from east London\” in which teams of artists worked with community groups to create short “moving postcards” of east London. Angel Alley is the site of the oldest Anarchist bookshop in the world. The shop is located somewhere between KFC and Whitechapel Gallery. This location is a hidden back alley of revolutionary history and protest. But where will it lead our group of local teenage girls?

  • #Director: Jo Parkes, Anton Califano, Alesandra Seutin
  • #Choreography: Alesandra Seutin
  • #Country of Production: United Kingdoms
  • #Year of Production: 2012
  • #Duration: 00:01:38
  • #Dance and Acting: Sara Baptiste, Famiha Ferdaus, Ase Greene, Mahin Ismat, Syeda Mahjabin, Twahera Sulaiman, Anisha Uddin
  • #Camera: Anton Califano
  • #Editing: Anton Califano
  • #Music: danbeats