Pearls 07.11.2010


So Young Yang
Germany, USA 2010

A contemporary dancer is practicing ñ in a trial to find out the dynamic relationship between the weight of bones and the spinal alignment in conjunction with gravity and space. The positions of her body are extremely restless, a phenomenon which stems from the dancerís acute awareness of gravity and her effort to maneuver the perception of it.
To a video maker who is observing this session, the physicality of the movement that accumulates into a moment turns into a paranoiac psychological experience.
In this work, the psychological feelings are the other force in performance with the ìnever arrivingî JULIA.

  • #Director: So Young Yang
  • #Choreography: Julia Kathriner
  • #Country of Production: Germany, USA
  • #Year of Production: 2010
  • #Dance and Acting: Julia Kathriner
  • #Music: So Young Yang, Stravinsky
  • #Webpage: