Programme 12.09.14

Longing to fly / Longing to fall

Erika Janunger
Sweden 2014

Two people inhabiting a world where hidden powers effects movements and events in unexpected ways. A collaboration art piece, mixing dance, film, design and music. The furniture was designed especially for this film by Färg & Blanche.

  • #Title: Longing to fly / Longing to fall
  • #Director: Erika Janunger
  • #Choreography: Oskar Frisk
  • #Country of Production: Sweden
  • #Year of Production: 2014
  • #Duration: 00:14:00
  • #Camera: Johan Lehman
  • #Editing: Daniel Wirtberg, Erika Janunger
  • #Music: Erika Janunger, Uno Helmersson
Programme 12.09.14

Jesus Tiger

The House of ia
USA 2014

Performed and Filmed in the Summer of 2012 in Austin, TX and revisited in the Spring of 2014, Jesus Tiger is an investigation in the ritualization of spontaneity, a bestride of whim, and a voyage through masking our notions of being seen. Jesus Tiger is… a witness.

  • #Title: Jesus Tiger
  • #Director: The House of ia
  • #Country of Production: USA
  • #Year of Production: 2014
  • #Duration: 00:07:29
  • #Dance and Acting: kb Thomason (THOI), Jillayne Hunter (THOI), Alejandra Almuelle, Brandi Jo Perkins, Lila "litos lindos"
  • #Camera: Jillayne Hunter, kb Thomason (The House of ia)
  • #Editing: kb Thomason (The House of ia)
  • #Sound: Arranged by The House of ia
  • #Music: María Sabina, performing a Ceremony of Mazatec Indians of Mexico, Recorded by V. P. & R. G. Wasson in Huautla de Jiménez, in the Mazatec Mountains in the northern corner of the State of Oaxaca, July 21, 1956.
Programme 12.09.2014

Intrinsic Moral Evil

Harm Weistra
Netherlands 2013

Intrinsic Moral Evil seems to be a tale of identity and coming of age. But above all, the three dancers play a game with the viewer’s perception and expectations: is it a memory, a dream, a search for identity ? Is it about losing of friendship or about growing up? The layered story gradually develops; […]

  • #Title: Intrinsic Moral Evil
  • #Director: Harm Weistra
  • #Choreography: Fernando Domínguez Rincón
  • #Country of Production: Netherlands
  • #Year of Production: 2013
  • #Duration: 00:10:45
  • #Dance and Acting: Joan Ferré Gomez, Jorge Abraham Guillen, Ortiz Frago Peña Gonzalez
  • #Camera: Jorrit Garretsen
  • #Editing: Michiel Boesveldt
  • #Sound: Aline Bruijns, Bart Jilesen
  • #Music: Ludwig van Beethoven
  • #Webpage:
Programme 12.09.14


Eoin Heaney
Ireland 2014

  Inspired by the work of Eadweard Muybridge, Turning is a dance film exploring the cyclical nature and repetitive behavior of contemporary Irish society.

  • #Title: Turning
  • #Director: Eoin Heaney
  • #Choreography: Jessica Kennedy
  • #Country of Production: Ireland
  • #Year of Production: 2014
  • #Duration: 00:06:00
  • #Camera: Piers Mc Grail
  • #Editing: Fernando de Juan
  • #Music: Irene Buckley
Programme 12.09.14


Carla Forte
USA 2013

“Four characters, united by their thoughts and separated by their realities, transform their existence into movement”

  • #Title: Interrupta
  • #Director: Carla Forte
  • #Choreography: Carla Forte
  • #Country of Production: USA
  • #Year of Production: 2013
  • #Duration: 00:06:00
  • #Dance and Acting: Vicente Forte Sillie, Maritza Sillie, Vicente Forte Magaldi, Carla Forte Sillie
  • #Camera: Alexey Taran
  • #Editing: Alexey Taran
  • #Sound: Alexey Taran
  • #Music: Omar Roque
  • #Webpage:
Programme 12.09.14

Kid birds for camera

Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, David Daurier
France 2014

On school playground Kids dance the piece Beach birds of the Merce Cunningham, famous abstrakt contemporan choreographer. Little by little, the fantastic transforms the reality. The Kids become on pure particulars abstract.

  • #Title: Kid birds for camera
  • #Director: Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, David Daurier
  • #Choreography: Dylan Crossman Choreography adapted to movie by Eric Minh Cuong Castaing
  • #Country of Production: France
  • #Year of Production: 2014
  • #Duration: 00:11:23
  • #Dance and Acting: Asma Abdelhak, Andréi Calin, Arno Choppin, Nalini-Diewo, Arnaud devautour, Kiera dez-Leroy, Faris Dkaki, Guillaume Foucher, Néréa Frede, Pierre Gautier, Marie Golvano-Dohollo, Zoé Hitier, Sacha Hubeny, Nathalie Kassem, Saragan Krishnaraj, Félix Loyez, Maria Carolina Marques Reis, Gaston Martine-Fata, Ikram Oualla Fakir, Julien Pardo, Maxence Prevoteau du Clary, Valériane Rabehaja, Marwa Saker, Nutthawadee Saranyarat, Juliette Soucasse, Titouan Turpin, Nowlan Udol, Hind Benaichoui, Nasr-Edinne Benaichoui, Alejandro Bravo Ostos, Joana Bravo Ostos, Anu Ujin Dorjpurev Ganchimeg, Reni Ilieva, Ilias Jbari Sefiani, Robi Vasile Mailat, Vasilka Marinova, Ouafa Omrani, Youcef Omrani, Sara Pinel-Bouche, Eduart Qerimi, Milka Yankova, Kesjana Zada
  • #Camera: David Daurier & Sylvain Séchet
  • #Editing: David Daurier
  • #Sound: Naun Bouvier, Alexandre Bouvier
  • #Music: Naun & Alexandre Bouvier
Programme 12.09.14

Young Angry Men

John Wannehag
United Kingdom 2014

When we are lost we seek to find the truth, we turn to science, we turn to god and we turn to places that shares our loneliness. When I was younger I was angry and lost. I was a young angry man living without purpose.

  • #Title: Young Angry Men
  • #Director: John Wannehag
  • #Choreography: John Wannehag
  • #Country of Production: United Kingdom
  • #Year of Production: 2014
  • #Duration: 00:06:22
  • #Dance and Acting: John Wannehag
  • #Camera: John Wannehag
  • #Editing: John Wannehag
  • #Music: Moddi - Rubbles
Programme 12.09.14


Ludivine Large-Bessette
France 2012

  Low is a work on emotions. It is based on the interaction between the image and the moving body. It uses dancing and plays with the cinematographic codes. Within the embrace, the viewer witnesses a reminder of the disappearance and the absence starting to materialize.

  • #Title: Low
  • #Director: Ludivine Large-Bessette
  • #Choreography: Ludivine Large-Bessette, Marie Barbottin, Mathieu Calmelet script
  • #Country of Production: France
  • #Year of Production: 2012
  • #Duration: 00:18:08
  • #Dance and Acting: Marie Barbottin, Mathieu Calmelet
  • #Camera: Ludivine Large-Bessette
  • #Editing: Juliette Alexandre
  • #Sound: Nicolas Martz, Baptiste Marie
  • #Music: Nicolas Martz
Programme 12.09.14


Simon Baucks
Germany 2014

Inmotion from Simon Baucks on Vimeo. Inmotion is a portrait of the stylistic differences and similarities amongst seven young dancers. It seeks to explore possibilities that emerge solely from intertwining the creative processes of musicians, dancers and filmmakers. There is no imperative to understand anything about Inmotion.

  • #Title: Inmotion
  • #Director: Simon Baucks
  • #Country of Production: Germany
  • #Year of Production: 2014
  • #Duration: 00:04:56
  • #Dance and Acting: Safet Mistele, Murat Alkan, Ophelia Young, Lea Benecke, Jonas Onny, Jan Möllmer, Just Berger
  • #Camera: Daniel Tölke, Adrian Bedoy, Torben Köster
  • #Editing: Simon Baucks
  • #Music: Misagh Azimi
Programme 12.09.14


Amira Ramírez, Nómada
Mexico 2010

  Three moving elements meet in a space where the path is already traced. Time turns visible as the moving elements create still moments based in coincidence and choice, making points of encounter between the three worlds: objects, body and nature.

  • #Title: Bliss
  • #Director: Amira Ramírez, Nómada
  • #Choreography: Amira Ramirez
  • #Country of Production: Mexico
  • #Year of Production: 2010
  • #Duration: 00:06:32
  • #Dance and Acting: Amira Ramírez
  • #Camera: Nómada
  • #Editing: Nómada
  • #Sound: Nómada