PEARL 23, 13.09.2023


A cinematic narrative imagined by Mentrix and Gilles Esteve, exploring themes of womanhood, unity, solidarity and spirituality from the contrast of the concrete and neon of urban Tehran to the breathtaking and symbolic horizons of the Iranian deserts.
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Gilles Estève, Mentrix
Iran, Germany 2019

Women of different ages dressed with the black chaddor styled differently sometimes show make up and looks that defy expectations. They are still, but the look in their eyes is determined. Mentrix, dressed in white appears with an outfit resembling that of mullahs. She moves among them like a force that wants to break this stillness. Soon they march together and align to walk through the desert unified.

“‘Walk’ was filmed in Iran in 2019 with a cast made exclusively of women. With this piece I intended to convey my wish for all women in Iran to have freedom and the right to choose what they wear. I respected the rules as much as I could in this video but I do hope that I have achieved to show the world that women push boundaries constantly and fight the limits of the compulsory hijab all the time. It was also my aim to show the respect and unity I wish to see in our societies, whether in Iran or the rest of the world. Women everywhere must have the freedom to choose what they want to wear.” Mentrix

  • #Title: WALK
  • #Director: Gilles Estève, Mentrix
  • #Choreography: Nelly Ahlroth
  • #Production:
  • #Country of Production: Iran, Germany
  • #Year of Production: 2019
  • #Duration: 00:05:17
  • #Dance and Acting: Aida, Mahsa, Faeze, Ghazal, Lava, Baran, Mehrnoush, Fatemeh, Sahar, Nafiseh, Nasrin
  • #Camera: Quentin De Lamarzelle
  • #Editing: Undercover
  • #Music: Mentrix
  • #Screenplay: Mentrix, Gilles Esteve
  • #Webpage:
  • #Trailer: