Programme 2007


Paul Gazolla
Germany, Berlin 2002

R.U.N. – A study on spatial objectification. As a part of a larger series called walk, run, sit, stand and jump that seeks to reframe the visual perspective of the body in a simple action. Shot on Sunday morning in Perth. Australia on a deserted downhill road. A camera was secured of the back of a moving car and the performer ran in and out of the frame. A three-way conversation is overheated between the runner, cameraman and the driver, that enables the runner to stay with the car and in the shot. The editing process utilises the mechanical intervention of the camera-built strobe effect. offering a disjointed view of a body in continues motion to it’s shadowed stuff.

  • #Director: Paul Gazolla
  • #Country of Production: Germany, Berlin
  • #Year of Production: 2002
  • #Duration: 00:04:30