Programme 13.09.2013

Dorian C.

Rebecca Arndt
USA 2012

One night, Dorian enlists her keepsakes as a medium to the past. But she unwittingly awakens the Other. Using dance and a rich sound scape, Dorian C. illustrates the struggle between our manufactured sense of self, and the memories that lay bare our fabrications.

  • #Director: Rebecca Arndt
  • #Choreography: Eva Perrotta, Sophie Bortolussi in collaboration with Asli Bulbul
  • #Country of Production: USA
  • #Year of Production: 2012
  • #Duration: 00:22:30
  • #Dance and Acting: Eva Perrotta, Asli Bulbul
  • #Camera: Rebecca Arndt
  • #Editing: WAC inc
  • #Sound: David Schwartz
  • #Music: Sam Crawford, Arthur Solaris