Programme 15.09.2012

En Mutation

Lika Guillemot
France 2011

I moult … he moults, we moult …
Changing, morphing, to shed your hair,
your skins, stripping…
The mutation is in the making,
at present, here and now.
It is a silent transformation,
silent but irreversible.
It is internal, right there under the skin.
Nothing seems and yet.
A part of ourselves will be amputated.
A new body will become.
En Mutation attempts to upturn that skin,
to put on the outside which is under the skin.

  • #Director: Lika Guillemot
  • #Choreography: Biño Sauitzvy
  • #Country of Production: France
  • #Year of Production: 2011
  • #Duration: 00:08:45
  • #Dance and Acting: Biño Sauitzvy
  • #Camera: Lika Guillemot
  • #Editing: Collectif des Yeux
  • #Sound: Magali Gaudou