Pearls 07.11.2010

Going Up?

Marcela Donato
Brazil 2007

“Sobe?” is a dance video inspired by a behavior “no no list”. We’ve chosen the elevator as our spatial and social focus; how should one behave in an elevator? What would be a “no-no” action for those specific situations?  We break social silent agreements in order to displace this common everyday action into a performative context.  

  • #Director: Marcela Donato
  • #Choreography: Marcela Donato
  • #Country of Production: Brazil
  • #Year of Production: 2007
  • #Duration: 00:05:30
  • #Dance and Acting: Marcela Donato, Carolina Campos, Fernando Klipel, Fernando Nicolini, Jamil Cardoso, Amanda Lima and Calixto Neto
  • #Music: Music Colage By Helena Chaves
  • #Webpage: