30 Cecil Street

Dan Canham, Laura Dannequin, William Hanke
United Kingdoms

30 Cecil Street is a short dance film shot in the dilapidated premises of the old Theatre Royal in the Limerick Athenaeum
building. With a history that stretches back over 150 years, the Royal has been closed to
the public for the last 13 years, since it was last used as a venue for live music and
performance. Engaging with the atmosphere and past of this near-derelict building and using
a soundtrack made up of found sounds and interviews carried out with people associated
with the Athenaeum, 30 Cecil Street explores the state of a building that was once a hub of
cultural activity within Limerick and now lies empty and closed to the public.
Work by: Dan Canham/Laura Dannequin/Will Hanke

  • #Director: Dan Canham, Laura Dannequin, William Hanke
  • #Choreography: Laura Dannequin
  • #Country of Production: United Kingdoms
  • #Duration: 00:07:20
  • #Dance and Acting: Dan Canham
  • #Music: Dan Canham