Pearls 18.10.2009

TvTv – Trajets de Vie Trajets de Ville

Anne Le Batard et Jean-Antoine Bigot
France 2008

Trajets de Vie: on benches, or all around, in the middle of the passage of the pedestrians, the cars, the buses, four solitudes sketch a sometimes acrobatic gesticulation, sometimes at the edge of the invisible: poetic gasps where the crackling of a radio will go out of a basket, where sheets of newspapers will stick on the face as a braggart’s mask, where colored capsules of bottle scatter as a rain of childhood.
Trajets de Ville constitutes the other hillside. A hostility charges the atmosphere. An immense inhuman space widens in this crowd where the men, the women, cross themselves without seeing each other, by ignoring. Worse still: they crowd, collide, assault, either the love bursts. Duets come out hardly: fragments of a virile fight or a friendship, a sensualism and a rivalry mixed in a tango souvenir? This is the opposite of all for which we could expect from a contemporary show (nothing of hightech, any video, just this old rock tone, and these old bodies which are ours, close to the deterioration), but who so speak to us about what we are today.  
Paul-Emmanuel Odin

  • #Director: Anne Le Batard et Jean-Antoine Bigot
  • #Country of Production: France
  • #Year of Production: 2008
  • #Duration: 00:31:30
  • #Dance and Acting: Jean-Antoine Bigot, Patrice De Benedetti, Lies Cuyvers, Jean-Marc Fillet, Anne-Claude Goustiaux, Anne Le Batard, Yui Mitsuhashi, Sasker Polman, Hugues Pomiès, Corinne Pontana, Satya Roosens
  • #Music: Yves Miara et Pascal Ferrari
  • #Webpage: