Pearls Artist Prize 16

Adrian Künzel

Adrian Künzel is a cinematographer, director and editor and works as well as somatic coach. In his films the moving image merges impressively with performance, fashion and sound. The film „Smoke-Clad Warrior“ presents a mystical, dark and intense videodance – a result of a collaboration with the designer Mads Dinesen, the photographer Mali Lazell and […]

Pearls Artist Prize 16

Rain Kencana

Rain Kencana is a filmmaker, creating music clips, commercials, shortfilms, feature documentaries and videodance. Following poems, Kencana assembles shiny colorful images and the dancer’s movements to poetical filmdances. The intense dances are captured by Jalaludin Trautman’s camera, which at the same time becomes part of the choreography. Rain Kencana ist eine Filmemacherin, produzierte zahlreiche […]

Pearl Artists Prize 16

Johan Planefeldt & Shiran Eliaserov

Johan Planefeldt is a swedish filmmaker and cinematographer with a background in fine arts. His films explore physicality, embodiment and the alteration of states. In close collaboration with choreographer Shiran Eliaserov Planefeldt captures the intensity of contact improvisation and somatics with his camera. In high sensitivity for the corporality of the protagonists, of their movements […]



Johan Planefeldt
Germany 2016

A dance group is working on a new dance piece where they explore emotions and altered states with powerful techniques. For Maria it gets too intense and she starts to loose herself while her boyfriend Stefan pushes to go deeper.

  • #Title: The Wind
  • #Director: Johan Planefeldt
  • #Choreography: Shiran Eliaserov
  • #Country of Production: Germany
  • #Year of Production: 2016
  • #Duration: 00:27:00
  • #Dance and Acting: Leni Wesselman, Andreas Demmel
  • #Camera: Johan Planefeldt
  • #Editing: Johan Planefeldt & Shiran Eliaserov
  • #Sound: Shiran Eliaserov