Application form POOL 21

    The final submission deadline is July 14th, 2021. The festival will happen from September 8th -11th, either at DOCK 11 in Berlin or online.

    Application Form
    Applications can be submitted online. If your film is chosen for the programme, we will ask you to sign the form and to send it back as scan or via mail.

    Preview link
    Onlinelinks, for example on Vimeo or YouTube, are prefered for the jury screening. Please insert the link to your complete film below.
    If you don't want to provide a link, you can also send us a DVD via mail.

    Screening Copy & Film stills
    If your film is chosen for the programme, we will get in touch with you concerning a high resolution screening copy and film stills for press relations and the homepage.

    Length and subtitles
    Films that enter the contest should not be longer than 30 minutes. Longer films may be taken into consideration for a special screening.
    Spoken or written words that appear in the film should be in German or in English or subtitled in one of the two languages.

    Please don't submit twice with the same film.

    If you have any further questions you can contact us at all times.


    DOCK 11
    "POOL 21"
    Kastanienallee 79
    10435 Berlin, Germany

    Contact Information

    Information on your film

    Further optional credits & information

    Technical information

    Original Videonorm

    black & whitecolor

    silentwith sound


    In case that my film is selected for the festival program I agree that it will remain afterwards in the festival's archive.*

    I agree to the transmission of excerpts of my work (max. 60 sec.) for festival reporting as well as to the publication of stills for press and self-promotion of the festival.*

    further information

    The person or institution submitting the film is responsible for clearing all rights to the content of the work relevant to the film's use by the Festival.

    With the submission, the POOL Festival is permitted to use the data provided for the purpose of processing the festival and its archives. By submitting my film I confirm that I’ve read and accept the Privacy Regulations.

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